A Map Any Other Name

This is the second, and last, painting commissioned by Buli G. I must be honest, it was one of the most difficult paintings I've undertaken. The commission was a protrait but not a representational one. I have added layer upon layer in a vain attempt to capture a few of the key elements of her personality. Afterall, how do you reduce something as powerful, large and complex as a human being to a few colours and shapes? Again, the flash sort of ruins the glows that I managed to get. And the photo just doesn't do justice to the intricate details and marks and textures that adorn the painting. It features many elements of clocks, dreams, and anticipation. I alos need to point out how monstrously large this one is. This is, by far, the biggest painting I've ever undertaken: 2 metres by 1,75 metres.

Price: RN/A

Availability: Sold

Date Painted: 2007