Beneath My Bulimic Skin 2

This work is second of two works on the subject. Their focus is the heavy build-up of the textural elements, which include found object and crack filler. The composition is simple, with a single strong, central foreground element in the upper portion of the work. It emerges from the visceral deep red background tonally and chromatically. The lack of a strong focal point lets the gaze meander over the surface, slowly uncovering the nature of the surface, inviting the viewer to get to know the surface until that is all that remains. The work attempts to recreate and reinterpret the tension that arises in the mind of a person suffering from an eating disorder, where the skin, theoretically at least, is meant to be a smooth homogenous surface but is, instead, can only be seen by the sufferer as an unpleasant, textured, marked and unhealthy prison.

Price: RN/A

Availability: Sold

Date Painted: 2014

Medium: (W)51 cm x (H)102 cm x (D)4 cm