It Is By Her Light That I Navigate

Firstly, you must know that this painting has been a long time coming. I first acquired the massive canvas sometime in 1997 from one of the then PE Technikon. It was covered in notes and pages, most of them containing Nick Cave lyrics. I always meant to do something but never go around to it. In the meantime, it became a table, a wargaming surface and a door. Finally, finally I got cracking on it about a year ago. It was my intention to use the structure you see there (the red blocks) as a backdrop for several found objects, namely letters and flowers from Danni. That didn't work. And so I'd been staring at it for the last two months thinking of what I could do with it, to take it that next step forward, to take it from just pretty patterns to something meaningful and tangible. It struck me last week: I often refer to Danni as my North Star because, as I like to tell her, it is by her light that I navigate, which ties itself perfectly with the three panels, telling of the star's ascendency. It must also be noted that this is not a small work, being seme 2 meters across.

Price: RN/A

Availability: Sold

Date Painted: 2008