The Deluge

I actually finished this one in late February but I'd been really struggling to take a decent photograph of it. The very hazy and dark nature of the work doesn't lend itself well to being photographed. Still, I managed to get something that more or less resembles the actual work. As you can deduce by the title, this is a rendition of the deluge (the flood that wiped out mankind). I spend a lot of time marveling at the idiocy of YEC (Young Earth Creationists) who just don't grasp the physical implications of such an event and, being the argumentative asshole that I am, I always find myself on the other side of the argument. Nevertheless, it doesn't stop me from enjoying the idea of the myth in and of itself. And so here is a tiny, almost imperceptible vessel, low on the horizon, subsumed by the torrents unleashed from the sky by an angry god. I never thought it would be possible to use this many layers of blue.

Price: RN/A

Availability: Sold

Date Painted: 2008